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10 Quick Tips to Remain Stress Free this Holiday Season.

By Yoda Learning Team / a couple of years ago

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The festive mode is set in, the celebrations are knocking at the door and the holiday season has begun. While holidays are a time to unwind and enjoy with friends and family, people generally have a hard time managing and balancing fun, family and office work together. Shopping for gift items; sending out party invites; making arrangements for travel and picnics plus the added work pressure at office: the to-do list swells and the time on your schedule shrinks. It is important to stay stress-free at this point so that you can make the best of your holidays.

Here are some tips on how to stay stress-free and maintain high energy level at office and home during holidays:

1. Plan Ahead and Start early

You are aware of the holiday dates, accordingly plan ahead so that your workload is light during holidays. Assign days and dates before the holidays when you would do gift shopping, send out party invites, book tickets for travel and chalk out menu for the family get together.

2. Stay Organized

Don’t try to juggle office work and family commitments at one time. Make a list of all your personal and professional tasks and commitments on paper. Once you have the entire list before you, organize them on the basis of their priority and dates and then complete each of them one by one. This way your work gets organized and your mind stays clutter-free.

3. Shop Online

This is an era of internet and it would be unwise not exploit the benefits offered by the world of web. With various online shopping sites, you can easily purchase your gifts and other items online well ahead of holidays. E-shopping gives you the convenience of time and place along with benefit of various options to explore and compare. And Do not forget the discounts available.

4. Leave your Office Work in Office

Holidays are a time when your family requires more of your time and attention. Your kids have their school off and your friends and relatives plan get-together. Make sure that you don’t take files home, attend unnecessary phone calls or answer e-mails when you are at home or partying out.

5. Walk whenever possible

Your office work may require long hours in front of your laptop or on your office chair. Try to take short breaks and walk whenever possible. This keeps your muscles flexible and avoids burnout at the end of the day. As a result, you don’t take fatigue and backaches home from office and can have fun and enjoyment with your family after a long day at office.

6. Stay Hydrated

Extra work load requires more of your energy level and for that you need to keep your system hydrated. When your body’s water level goes down, down goes your energy level, focus, concentration and immune system.

7. Eat Healthy and Breathe Right

Don’t skip food in an effort to save time to finish off your work. An empty stomach is the worst option when work pressure is high. Take off time for a lunch break and keep your lunch light and healthy so that you don’t feel lethargic and sleepy in the second half.

santa says do exercise

8. Exercise, exercise, exercise

People have a wrong notion that exercise makes you tired and it needs to be done if you want to reduce weight. 15 minutes of light exercise everyday keeps you fresh, healthy and energetic throughout the day.

9. Do not over commit

The gravest mistake most people make is saying a ‘YES’ when they want to say a ‘NO’. Holidays are a time when many of your colleagues take a travel leave. So your boss may expect you to take up their extra work. Your spouse may want you to take the kids out for a picnic. Your friends may want a night out to wine and dine with you. Prioritize and balance your work and family commitments. You do not need to commit to every project you are assigned or every party you are invited to.

10. Give and Receive Smiles

Last but not the least, positive energy attracts positive energy. Stay happy and spread happiness around. Smile is contagious. If you are happy and have fun-filled talks with your colleagues and people around, you trigger hormones which boost up your energy level.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and have a great fun-filled holiday this year! Let us know how your holidays are going. Happy Holidays!

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