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By Yoda Learning Team / a couple of years ago

Recently I was reading on Quora and came across an interesting topic. “What is the most awesome Microsoft product? Why?” I went through many answers and found out one Microsoft product most people agreed upon. It was MS Excel, stating it is one of the most important software ever created by Microsoft. Some even went on to comment that the world depends on MS Excel as it manages finance. It was a bit exaggeration, but not completely false. Excel is used everywhere, even at home to manage finances.

How is management and finance going to be handled without use of Excel? Excel is not just about filling cells and formatting of data. Excel is capable of doing much complex tasks in simple and efficient way. It also supports VBA, a programming language to help program repetitive tasks. At YodaLearning we offer free online course on Microsoft Excel to help you get started and improve your efficiency.

We started YodaLearning with the aim to reach maximum learners, specially working professionals. Due to 8-10 working hours, it becomes extremely difficult to learn something in a classroom. This is one of the reasons why people are going online to learn.

We had great trainers to teach and even content was ready. Camera was ready to roll. But creating an online platform is a tedious task and time consuming. It requires lot of effort to make from scratch. That’s where Fedora helped us. With its simple to use features and no programming required, we were able to focus more on optimizing the course.

There are many teachers, who are masters in their field but cannot teach everyone around the world. A similar situation was faced by one of our trainer. He has been doing corporate training on Excel & PowerPoint for years now. But that limits his reach. He had hardly any programming knowledge related to web. And could not afford to spend time learning it. Fedora is perfect for trainers/teachers who wish to teach online and reach a wide audience.

From giving lifetime access to our course content, to allowing learners to ask questions on each video tutorial while watching, Fedora gave us all. Even built-in extensions to MailChimp, Disqus, Google Analytics. Uploading the courses and making it online was never so easier.

While creating all courses, our main aim was to reach people who wish to learn in whatever time they manage to squeeze from their busy schedule. Our online course which can be accessed from any web enable device, even mobile phones, is designed to meet those needs.

Other than free Microsoft Excel tutorials, YodaLearning offers courses on MS PowerPoint, Mobile Development, Web Development and more.

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Yoda Learning Trainer team includes of 12 Industry experts focused on developing “Project-based" learning solutions, which enable the learners explore real world situations and thus, make the learning process engaging and practical. They have a collective work-experience of 80+ yrs.