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Macro to convert Excel to PDF file and Email it using Outlook | Excel Tips

Which of these tasks is part of your daily work life?

– To Convert Excel to PDF
– Sending PDF attachments via email

Mostly every one of us has to do these tasks daily. You may recall that sometimes you have to convert data in Excel to PDF and then attach it to Outlook mail. It doesn’t sound like a big task, yet it’s a time-consuming task for all.
So we have searched for solutions to automate on using VBA Code to” videos with the help of our 3 magical words of Excel VBA which bring to us a solution to automate our Daily task at the office using Excel VBA to Convert Excel to PDF file

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Excel is extensively used in our work life, So by making repetitive tasks into an automated process will save our 100’s of work hours.

Let’s jump on to what we have for you in this article:
1. Video tutorial with Step by Step guide on executing this trick using annotations.
2. Excel VBA plug and play code file.

Watch this video tutorial and follow the steps (we recomended you to watch in fullscreen in you Desktop PC or laptop)

Yes, You can ask any question you have on this tutorial by leaving a comment in our comment section. We always reply to queries.

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