Proposal - How I Meme

It took me approx. 3.0 hrs. to write one of the most important sales pitch of my life till date.

Aim – To showcase our e-learning library (Excel, PowerPoint, Macros, Outlook, Word) to Corporate L&D and help them understand why our e-learning product is the best for them and the convenience with which it can be implemented in the organisation.

Context It’s a myth that implementing eLearning tools save time. If you push boring script-read videos which have no local connect (accent, style, approach, country specific reporting issues) or practical flavour, people will be disengaged at the outset.

They will run the videos while they are watching TV just to increase the completion % as “logged” by the Learning Management System (LMS) – You can’t micromanage that.

Additionally, NOBODY wants to watch the same video again, NOBODY wants to attend the same classroom training again given that first one was ineffective. As L&D leaders, we have JUST ONE CHANCE to get their attention span and make them self-motivated to improve their technical (office productivity) skills.

With these points in the landscape, I create 6 slides of my sales pitch each being very specific and to-the-point to convey the message. I hate PowerPoint decks with an endless number of  powerpoint slides and that’s the reason it took me an extra hour to cut -down it to 6. Here is how the story unfolds. I am dissecting each of the six slides in terms of the technique used and the rationale behind it.

Slide 1: AGENDA

Rationale – Agenda slide should be brutally honest and straight forward about the topics to be discussed – Lean & Sharp.

PPT tricks – 1) Agenda points arranged in aligned SmartArt with flat icons to support the essence. 2) Differential text used for slide heading – more focus on the key message. 3) Slide master used to standardize templates with consistent footer picture and slide no.

Indexing content in Sales Pitch


Rationale – A quick glimpse of the topics of learning we cover and the duration of the videos. Further details can be shared later.

PPT tricks – 1) Table with differential colour for easy reading, 2) Consistent bullet points and text indentation. I used Ctrl Shift C and Ctrl Shift V. Format painter are obsolete.

Product details/offering in Sales Pitch


For an expert Powerpoint Tutorial go to our Yoda learning powerpoint tutorial page


Rationale – This is THE MAIN slide. I have divided the headings into three sections. Most importantly, why our product USP will help our potential client.

PPT tricks – Highlighter for recent successful implementation (red dotted rectangle)

Differentiating offering with key advantages of product in Sales Pitch

Slide 4 – Annexure 1 on our VIDEO’S FEATURES

Rationale – It’s important to make the video as engaging as possible. We have added two features – subtitles & trainer’s talking head – both are optional and can be removed if the client asks us to.

PPT tricks – This is visually one of the most appealing slides. Further, this slide uses tricks such as magnifier & dotted line connector.  Click here to watch one of our free videos on learning powerpoint magnifying glass effect tricks

Product feature demonstration in Sales Pitch

Slide 5 – Annexure 2 on our PICTURE BASED eBOOK

Rationale – Also it’s very important to revise what you have learnt. And it’s more important that the revision tool should be engaging and illustrative. No more boring lines of text after text.

PPT tricks – 1) Magnifier to demonstrate that our eBook lecture numbers are coordinated with video lecture numbers.

2) Callouts to provide a guiding message.

3) Highlighters for explaining formulas.

Highlighting product features in Sales Pitch



Rationale – Finally it’s important that the leadership team who drives a learning product should have experienced the other side of the table i.e. learners’ expectations, the line of service, MIS reporting requirements & different industries’ experience. Above all, grass root level experience of training professionals from diverse backgrounds.

PPT tricks – I am VERY particular about an alignment of pictures, text box, tables etc. By using simple Powerpoint tricks the pictures are cropped to perfection.

LeaderBoard in Sales Pitch

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – –

Hope the “Rationale” & “PPT Tricks” section of each slide allowed you to see my views.

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