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Learning excel through online courses is a very good choice if you don’t have the flexibility and time of attending in-person training. So here is a comprehensive list of some online resources that we like and respect.

Andy Pope – The intention of this site is to be a useful resource for alternative solutions to problems and limitations users experience when using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Brad Edgar – Learn how to use Excel and your data to solve your business problems and become the office hero.

Deskbright – A resource dedicated to empowering employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with high-quality tutorials on the business skills that matter. Contains great resources on general Excel tutorials and interview prep

Engineers-excel – A great website on excel by Nitin who is an engineer and also loves excel.

ExcelChamps – Puneet has done a great job in making a site which makes you an Excel Champ.

ExcelExposure – Excel Exposure is a free online Excel training class designed to help you learn more about the features and functionality of Microsoft Excel

Excel made easy – A helpful site to make Excel and VBA as easy for you as possible.

ExcelNext – A powerful website by a Chartered Accountant for learning excel in a smart and easy way that you have never seen before.

Get-digital-help – An extensive resource for Excel formulas, array formulas, VBA and much more.

Indezine – Geetesh Bajaj has put up a very informative site showing how to make PowerPoint presentations in a faster way.

Jkp-ads – It is an extremely resourceful website to know more about MS Office particularly Excel, VBA and Access.

MbaExcel – Another great site to get the tips and tricks of excel from the eyes of an MBA graduate.

Powerspreadsheets – The main purpose with Power Spreadsheets is to share what Jorge has learned and continues to learn about Excel.

Powerusersoftwares – A great site with an excellent collection of Excel add-ins and Powerpoint tips and tricks.

The Spreadsheet Guru – Chris, currently on a mission to share his knowledge of Excel and the rest of Microsoft’s Office Suite to an online community that has taught him so much over the years.

Wmfexcel – An Excel blog by MF WONG who is dedicated to sharing practical tips and tricks in order to help you work smarter with Excel.

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